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Welcome to Ride and Seek!

The Ride and Seek 2015 adventure is now over, but the story of our journey - Hungry for Miles: Cycling Across Europe On £1 A Day - is finally available!

Kindle edition | Paperback edition

Hello, I'm Steven Primrose-Smith. Pleased to meet you. Thanks for stopping by.

Ride and Seek 2015 was a genuinely original adventure combining two of the things I love: cycling and eating.

A little history

In 2013 I completed a 22,000 mile bike ride around Europe. If you're interested, you can find out more about it at Europe by Bicycle or read the full story in my book, No Place Like Home, Thank God, down below. Anyway, during that ride I used up all my savings and so I wanted to devise a cheaper way to travel. And this was it: Ride and Seek 2015.

What was Ride and Seek 2015?

Starting on Tuesday June 16th 2015, four of us set off from Liverpool with the aim of reaching Gibraltar while surviving on only £1 a day. Obviously £1 wouldn't provide very many calories and so we fished and foraged. We (sort of) followed the western coast of Europe. In the end we cycled 3,359 miles, but not all of us made it.

Raising money for others

We raised money for Action Against Hunger, a charity that helps some of the world's most desperate people. You can still donate. Every single penny will go directly to the charity. The ride itself was entirely self-funded.

The team on Day 1 at Flint Castle, on the north coast of Wales.

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